India own app store: Indus tailored to Indian users

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Indus app store:India's own app store

The Indus Appstore heralds a fresh avenue for developers seeking to penetrate the vibrant Indian Android market. It serves as a catalyst for enhanced user acquisition by facilitating multilingual app discovery, offering startups and new apps a dedicated spotlight through its “Launch Pad” feature. Moreover, it arms developers with a suite of tools to surmount common challenges, including round-the-clock customer support based in India, multi-language listings, and captivating video promotion to amplify brand recognition.

Distinguishing features of the Indus Appstore

-Simplified mobile number-based login, a boon in a market where email adoption varies.
-Waived commission for In-App payments.
-Zero listing fees for the inaugural year.
-Accessible India-based support via email or chat, supplemented by dedicated account managers for expedited issue resolution.
-Cohort-based release management for targeted app updates, bolstered by AI-driven real-time monitoring of app health during launches.
-Real-time analytics and competitor insights empower developers to refine their strategies.

Indus Appstore: Tailored to Indian Consumers

The Indus Appstore caters to the nuanced preferences of Indian consumers, providing a localized, culturally attuned experience across diverse categories. Available in English and 12 Indian languages, it ensures users navigate comfortably in their preferred language.

For developers, With self-publishing capabilities, localization support, and an arsenal of growth tools, developers find ample resources to thrive, backed by round-the-clock customer assistance.


Language of Every Indian User
List Your App in English + 12 Indian Languages
Upload Media & Videos in Indian Languages

Get Boosted Visibility on Search
Promote Your App on Video Slots
Avail Translation Support by Experts

Market Your App in Newer Ways
Build Awareness & Interest with Rich Media
Enable Discovery Through Short Form Videos


How to publish your app on Indus app store?

Create account & verify developer details

List your app in English + 12 Indian languages

Upload your app file (APK/AAB)

Upload videos & rich content

App verification & go live

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