Jay Shah Announces INR 125 Crore Prize for Team India After Spectacular T20 World Cup Triumph

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Prize for Team India

India showcased an indomitable spirit to secure victory over South Africa in the thrilling final of the 2024 ICC Men’s T20 World Cup. Chasing a target of 177, India’s skipper Rohit Sharma’s early dismissal seemed to fuel South Africa’s confidence. However, a resolute Virat Kohli rose to the occasion with a brilliant 76 off 59 balls. South Africa, despite a valiant innings by Heinrich Klaasen, fell short by 7 runs. Player of the Match, Kohli’s exceptional batting, along with Bumrah’s impactful bowling, ensured India’s triumph, ending a long wait for the prestigious title.

Following Team India’s remarkable victory, BCCI Secretary Jay Shah announced via X that the team will receive an astounding INR 125 Crore in prize money. Shah lauded the squad for their outstanding display of talent, unwavering determination, and exemplary sportsmanship throughout the tournament. He congratulated the players, coaches, and support staff for their exceptional effort and performance that made this incredible achievement possible. The announcement underscored the pride and honor of Team India in winning the world championship, solidifying their place as one of the strongest cricket teams in history.

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