“Xiaomi Unveils SU7 Electric Sedan with 800km Range, Showcases High-Performance Eco-Technology in India”

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Xiaomi SU7

Xiaomi has unveiled its latest marvel in sustainable mobility, the SU7 electric sedan, showcasing its capabilities in India. Positioned as a flagship in eco-technology, the SU7 integrates cutting-edge advancements across its design and core EV technologies. These include Xiaomi’s proprietary e-motor, CTB integrated battery system, Xiaomi die-casting, Xiaomi Pilot Autonomous Driving, and a smart cabin experience.

In China, the SU7 is offered with three distinct battery configurations: a 73.6kWh unit delivering up to 700km of range with rear-wheel drive, a 94.3kWh variant providing up to 830km on a single charge, also with RWD, and the SU7 Max featuring a 101kWh battery powering dual electric motors for all-wheel drive and an impressive 800km range under the CLTC.

The top-tier SU7 Max variant showcases remarkable performance figures, boasting 673hp and 838Nm peak torque, achieving 0-100kph in a blistering 2.78 seconds. For the RWD models, 299hp and 400Nm torque are available, ensuring spirited driving dynamics. The SU7 Max achieves a top speed of 265kph, highlighting its prowess in the electric sedan segment.

Safety is paramount in the SU7, featuring a robust steel-aluminum alloy armoured cage and a comprehensive suite of 16 active safety features. Coupled with efficient braking capabilities, the SU7 ensures precise handling and safety in various driving conditions.

With its debut in India, Xiaomi aims to redefine electric mobility, offering a blend of performance, technology, and sustainability in the form of the SU7 electric sedan.

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